Commercial Interior Design made Effortless! 


Commercial space demands its own particular design and styling. Whatever the business purpose may be it needs to justify the need behind it and target for maximum impact. A well-thought out office plan not only helps portray the company’s brand identity, but can result in better efficiency, effectiveness and enjoyment at work.

We know interior design is not a one-size-fits-all solution, so our service is customized just for you!

Why should you choose H&O Furnishing?

  • Expertise – Get connected with expert commercial interior designers who can help you build your dream office, cafe, retail store or any other space.
  • Reliable Sourcing – Our team is vastly experienced in planning and tracking interior fit-outs. Our Purchase team liaises with quality vendors to provide you with best in class materials.
  • Turn-Key + Project Management – We liaise with the Architects/Designers and act as a part of the team to ensure that their ideas are transformed into beautiful spaces.
  • Timely Completion + Warranty Backed Solutions – We pride ourselves on strict project planning & timely completion. All our products & services are backed by warranties, so you can rest easy even after your project is completed!
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Allow our team to transform your office environment by providing you with a range of solutions presented as Modular Furniture for Cubicles, Modular Pantry, Wooden Flooring, Wall~to~wall carpet, False Ceiling, Electrical Fittings, Cabins, Window Blinds, Reception desk, Wallpapers, Sofas and chairs.

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